I’m fascinated by the intersection of journalism and technology

Currently, I run Project Facet, an open source online platform to help newsrooms better manage the editorial process and facilitates collaboration with internal teams and outside partners. Last year, I was at Stanford¬†as a JSK Fellow focusing on how to help newsrooms create effective, meaningful editorial partnerships.¬†As an award-winning journalist and editor, I’ve worked on initiatives in data, social media, interactive storytelling and multi-platform reporting. I’m also a full-stack software engineer and am building new tools and projects to explore how technology can better serve journalism and reach diverse audiences. I also teach digital skills as part of the ONA Speaker’s Bureau.


Founder, Director | Project Facet

Project Facet is an open source infrastructure project that helps newsrooms manage the multifaceted challenge of planning and executing collaborative projects across different platforms with partners of various sizes and resources.

Researcher on Economic Inclusion | Membership Puzzle Project

I am researching the extent of efforts of newsrooms to create membership pathways for low and no income audiences and create equitable and mutually beneficial relationships with same.

Researcher and Writer | Center for Cooperative Media

I am managing and expanding the database of collaborative journalism projects worldwide, reporting and writing a bi-monthly newsletter and profiling various collaborative news projects.

Technology & Community Outreach Manager | JSK Journalism Fellowships & Stanford Journalism Department

I designed and built a website and digital strategy for a soon-to-be launched project on behalf of the Stanford Journalism Department. I advised 2017-2018 JSK Fellows on technical projects, scope and design and how those projects may fit into the broader media and technology industries, advising on managing their time as a fellow. I also report media and technology stories as related to the focuses journalism program and fellowship.

Speaker | ONA Speaker’s Bureau
JANUARY 2018 – JUNE 2018

I traveled to different ONA Local groups around the country to deliver trainings on different digital skills including creating processes for assessing and adopting digital tools, creating a digital strategy for newsrooms, creating and managing effective editorial collaborations and other digital skills.

Fellow | John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship, Stanford University
SEPT. 2016 – JUNE 2017

The work I started in Project Facet developed into a longer term project that is the focus of my work as a JSK Fellow. In addition to the tools aspect of the overall challenge of collaboration, I am building resources to help newsrooms to create effective, meaningful editorial partnerships. My work includes open sharing of my conversations and observations as well as case studies of current collaborative efforts, analysis of different aspects of rural journalism and observations from my research.

Lab Instructor, Program Manager | Hackbright Academy
JANUARY 2015 – MARCH 2016 | MARCH 2016 – JULY 2016

Structured and managed all aspects of delivering a white-label iteration of the Hackbright software engineer training program within the digital division of a global media and entertainment company. Reported to both the client and Hackbright on operations, curriculum and student status weekly. Created custom curriculum, trained and guided on-site education staff, structured custom education plans for individual students, planned and coordinated all special events. As lab instructor, lectured, advised students, managed lab experience, edited curriculum and wrote new curriculum components.

Digital Manager | Alaska Style Guide

Manage the digital presence and contributions to Alaska Style Guide, an online crowd-sourced resource for journalists covering Alaska. Topics are specific to Alaska and vary from pronouncers of Alaska Native words to details of local terminology or politicians.

Digital Services Editor | KTOO Public Media
MAY 2012 – JULY 2015

Built and managed award-winning websites for 3 radio stations and statewide television service. Assigned, reported, edited and designed news content as part of a 3-person editorial team. Produced analytics reports and recommendations for use in editorial and management decisions. Contributed to long term strategic planning for digital operations. Led digital training workshops internally and for CoastAlaska stations in the region.

Layout Editor, Editor in Chief | The Sun Star
MAY 2010 – MAY 2011 | MAY 2011 – MAY 2012

Assigned/edited all content, coordinated layout, photo, web and copy editors, advertising and distribution managers. Large projects include the creation of a searchable salary database of the University of Alaska system. As layout editor, designed page layouts, all graphics for print and web, managed photographers, edited photos for print and online publishing. Created an in-house system for measuring costs and content of each issue. Created a custom system for tracking paper content to examine the demographics of subjects and interviews and distribution of coverage across topics.